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Fasting - Juice vs. Water

When it comes to natural health, there is one routine that is widely accepted for its benefits and advantages, fasting. In fact fasting has been practiced for thousands of years for both health and religious purposes. It is a proven fact that fasting helps rid the body of toxins and harmful substances. Abstaining from food gives the digestive organs a chance to stop working on digesting hard substances and allows the body a chance to clean itself out. Some people may be drawn to the idea of fasting, simply because they want to lose weight, but the benefits gained from fasting are much more far reaching than simply shedding a few pounds. Fasting is a powerful tool that helps prevent serious sickness and illness from occurring. However, when deciding what type of fast to choose, many are unsure whether they should select a juice fast or a pure water fast.


There are benefits and disadvantages to choosing both types of fast, juice or water. However many people who are considered fasting purists believe that a true fast is strictly water based. There are many naturopathic doctors and practitioners however who do recommend juice fasts and advise many people to use them. Some practitioners also feel that a water fast should be prefaced by several days of a juice fast, to ensure that the body is adjusted.


Most practitioners recommend a juice fast simply because it is gentler on the body and provides nutrient to the body. A pure water fast may be more difficult for the person who is new to fasting and doesn’t supply any vitamins or minerals. Since water fasting takes greater mental preparation than juice, it is recommended to go on a water fast only when you feel that you are emotionally and mentally prepared. When you are on a water fast, your body has no other means of fuel or energy then to use its stores. However, for those who have spent years eating junk food or an unhealthy diet, the time of fasting may feel draining. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare for a water fast by eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also important to drink only purified water and not tap water from the kitchen sink.


Juice fasting does offer several advantages over water fasting and that is the fact that when you are on a juice fast, you can monitor the herbs, minerals, or vitamins that you are taking. By strategically choosing the juice you can gain great benefits by taking large amounts of certain vitamins or minerals to accelerate the benefits of the fast.


Whether you are on a juice or water fast, there is one element that is important to your fast and that is to engage in plenty of sleep. The body performs all of its major tissue repairs during sleep so it is important to rest as much as possible when fasting. In fact, you should consider fasting as a type of vacation or holiday for your body and mind.



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