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Colon Cleansing

The colon, commonly called the large intestines, is the part of our body responsible for absorbing water and mineral salts as well as maintaining the electrolyte balance for proper functioning. It is also responsible for eliminating unwanted toxins that can be harmful to our body. Almost all of the nutrients and water from the food we take in are already absorbed when the bulk of the food reaches this tube. Typically, with the proper diet and the proper amount of water, our colon is able to do its function appropriately. But if we do not give it enough care and attention, then it will do us harm.


To keep our colon healthy, we must always remember to eat food rich in fibers and water. This is extremely important since fibers help protect the mucosal lining of the colon whenever waste products are stored in it. The fiber softens the bulk for easier passage, and enough water content will prevent dehydration of the waste products that may lead to fecal impaction and even obstruction of the bowels. Fibers can be found in fruits and vegetables, so try to load up on them.


Not having a diet rich in dietary fibers can lead to a lot of complications. Constipation and diarrhea are examples. Not only that, body malaise can also be a problem, since colons help in regulating the electrolyte equilibrium in our body. Electrolytes are responsible for our muscle activity, and the heartbeat. It also regulates our cellular functioning.


Sometimes, perforation or ulcer formation on the colon can also happen if we are not conscious enough of what we eat. Drinking fluids rich in carbon, caffeine and alcohol can also have dire effects on the colon. These beverages can dehydrate the feces, and can also lead to impaction. We also have to regularly eliminate waste. In doing so, we avoid toxic buildup that can poison our body. We also have to regularly drink an appropriate amount of water a day. About 8 to 10 glasses is the average amount we need to obtain the proper functioning of our colon.


Health consciousness is important in our society today. To avoid further stresses in our body, we have to be really conscious of what we take in. Remember these steps so that we just might optimize the functioning of our colons, and lead us to a healthier way of life.





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