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Exercises that Burn the Most Fat

When it comes to burning the most fat with exercise, there is one type of exercise that is more beneficial than the others: cardiovascular. Cardiovascular exercise is the most recommended for burning fat and speeding or increasing metabolism. In fact, it is said by both scientists and leading professionals in the medical community, that three sessions of at least twenty minutes of cardiovascular is all that you need to increase your metabolism and enter into a mode of continual fat burning.


Cardiovascular is a word that is used to describe the Circulatory System. This is the system that is comprised of your heart and blood. Cardiovascular exercise helps you burn the most fat, because it directly engages the Circulatory System, and increases your heart rate as well as blood flow. In turn, more oxygen is delivered throughout the body and your metabolism will speed up. In fact, cardiovascular exercise is so effective at increasing metabolism that studies show that after you are through exercising, your metabolism is still working faster.


Aerobic is another word that is used for cardiovascular exercise. Of Aerobic or Cardiovascular exercises, these are the ones that are best suited for burning fat by speeding up metabolism.

The following exercises are for those who are looking for high impact aerobic activity. They are jumping rope, spinning, and sprinting. However, it is wise to use caution whenever undertaking a new sport or form of exercise, and always check with your health care provider before beginning any exercise or fitness program.


Jumping rope is highly effective and engages the cardiovascular system in a powerful way. Those training for sport competitions frequently use it and a 25-30 minute workout is enough to ensure that you'll workout will continue to increase your metabolism after you are finished.


Spinning workouts are performed in a class and they are also high impact aerobic workouts. You perform a series of rounds on a stationary bicycle that vary in intensity to the directions of an instructor. Spinning may be strenuous on those with weak joints, so be sure to take it easy and if you develop joint pain, to stop.


Sprinting is also known to increase metabolism for several days after you have finished your workout. If you are a beginner, you should start out slowly and work your way up to more intense levels.


The following exercises are not considered high intensity but are typical cardiovascular or aerobic exercises that will increase your metabolism and burn fat. The first exercise is the most simple and everyone can and should do it: walking.


Walking at a brisk pace for at least 30 minutes will and can burn up to 180 calories. If you walk longer, or over various terrain of increasing difficulty, you will increase the amount of calories that you are burning. You can also couple walking with sprinting or running at a steady pace to improve the amount of calories you burn as well.

Bicycling, whether stationary or on an outdoor bike will burn between 250-500 calories.
By incorporating aerobic exercise into your daily routine, you will see great improvements in you fat burning.


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