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Lemonade Diet

Popular since 1940, the Lemonade Diet is used as a cleansing fast and is adhered to for a period between ten to forty days. It is sometimes referred to as the Master Cleanse and is used for ridding the body of toxins and impurities in a short amount of time. The diet has recently been in the spotlight after Beyonce used the diet to shed weight.


The diet was created by Stanley Burroughs and has been used to help people successfully lose an average of two pounds per day as well as rid the body of toxins and help purify the system. Once you create the Lemonade drink, you can choose between drinking it hot or cold. After ten days drinking freshly squeezed citrus juices for 36 hours breaks the fast. Then soups, fruits, raw vegetables and nuts are added to the diet. It is also recommended to eat plenty of probiotics or yogurt to help the digestive tract replenish intestinal flora. After that you may return to normal eating, however it is recommended that you refrain from eating junk foods. Many people, to purify the body and gain control of eating and dietary functions, use the fast.


The Lemonade Diet may be compared to a juice fast only the main staple is lemonade made with freshly squeezed lemons. In addition to the lemonade drink, you also use a salt-water flush to purify and rid your body of toxic and drink a blend of peppermint tea. The diet is usually adhered to for ten days, but is not simply broken with a trip to your favorite fast food restaurant. There is a very strict method used for breaking the diet and it is also recommended that certain foods be consumed after following the Lemonade Diet to ensure the best results and lasting effects.


Here are the recipes for making the Lemonade Diet drink, the Salt Water flush, and the Peppermint Tea.


Lemonade Diet Drink Ingredients: for One Cup Serving


1 fluid ounce (2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice); approximately the juice of ½ of a lemon.

1 fluid ounce maple syrup (about 2 tablespoons); organic maple syrup is preferred

1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

8 fluid ounces (1 cup) of purified water.


Mix ingredients together and drink.


You may find that it is more practical to make your Lemonade Diet drink in a gallon container and drink it throughout the day.


Lemonade Diet Drink Ingredients: One Gallon


Five Lemons

1 ¼ Cup Maple Syrup (organic)

1-teaspoon cayenne pepper

Ten Cups of purified water


Mix all ingredients and store in the refrigerator. This is enough for one day.


The Salt-Water flush is drunk every morning upon waking. Simply add two teaspoons of sea salt (non iodized salt) to one quart of lukewarm water. This is taken every morning that you are on the fast.


Finally, at the end of each evening you should drink a cup of peppermint tea. This helps aid the body in elimination.


Like any fast, the first day is typically the most difficult. However, most people report feeling exuberant by the end of the fast.





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