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Green Tea Diet

Green Tea is getting a lot of recognition these days and adding it to your diet is an excellent way to improve your health and lose weight. The Green Tea diet basically consists of drinking between three to four cups each day. As you can tell, it is very simple to add it to your diet and many people prefer to simply substitute coffee, tea, or soda beverages with it to make the addition easily.


Once you have decided to go on the diet the main question you will be faced with is what type of tea you will purchase. Many people prefer and recommend using it in its purest form and in tea bags that consist of no other ingredients. Sometimes they are mixed and sold in bottle form, but these drinks typically are loaded with corn syrup or sugar and have very little Green Tea content, these drinks are not recommended for the diet. It is best to use fresh brewed and either drink it hot or make your own cool and refreshing iced tea with your brew.


One of the best aspects of this diet is that you don't need to focus so much on what you are eating as you should focus on adding the Green Tea to your diet. Green Tea has a natural way of balancing your body and by drinking it you will find that you will naturally begin to lose food and sugar cravings. This is a wonderful way for many people to finally gain control of their eating habits without needing to undergo rigorous dieting or trying fad methods.


It is also recommended to drink it freshly brewed and not stored or bottled for a long length of time as this ensures that all of the vital nutrients and anti oxidants remain in the tea as these are lost when the tea has been stored for a long period.


Not only does Green Tea help regulate blood sugar levels and help increase metabolism, it also has many health benefits. Those who go on a the diet find that the rewards are much greater than simple weight loss. There are scientific studies that are continually being done that show how beneficial the tea is. Some of the benefits of drinking green tea include a lowered risk of cancers and an even greater chance of lowering the chances of developing urinary or digestive cancers.


In addition to helping prevent cancer, Green Tea has also been shown to help improve the Immune System. This is one of the most important ways to ensure good health and is the key to preventing sickness, illness, and disease. Green Tea is also a source of fluoride and helps strengthen teeth and prevent cavities. Studies have also shown that drinking three to four cups each day can be a beneficial tool in lowering cholesterol levels. Because of these benefits many people find that the added benefits are much more plentiful than simply losing weight.






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