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How do body fat scales work?

Body fat scales send a small, harmless electrical current through your body. The current travels through muscle at a faster pace than it would through fat tissue or bones so the amount of resistance on the electrical current relates to the amount of fat free tissue a person has.


These scales are probably the quickest and easiest way of tracking your fat loss progress, however there are a few rules you need to follow in order to insure the most accurate results:


1. Make sure you always drink the same amount of water before you take the test. 2. Always measure your progress at the same time of day. 3. Don't test yourself after exercising. 4. Your skin temperature can affect the results, so try to take the test in similar room temperatures every time. 5. Make sure that the foot pads are thoroughly cleaned before taking the test.


There are many different models of fat scales on the market so make sure you buy the one that is right profile for you and your family. There are 3 different user modes that account for the physiological differences among people. 1. Adult mode - for people over the age of 18 who have moderate to inactive lifestyles. 2. Child mode - for children up to the age of 18 who are over 3 1/2 feet tall who have moderate to inactive lifestyles. 3. Athletic mode - this setting is for "athletes" who maintain an active lifestyle which includes approximately 10 hours of intense physical activity per week and who's resting heart rate is approximately 60 beats per minute or less.


Using a fat scale is very simple and it is quite accurate at telling the percentage of body fat you have. Scales and body fat calipers are great tools to see if you are losing fat or losing fat and gaining muscle.



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